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Transportation Supervisor: John Horvath

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Bus Garage Phone: 589-7160




Morning Bus Run Schedule


Afternoon Bus Run Schedule





School Bus Rules

It is extremely important that self-discipline be maintained on school buses. If student behavior causes the driver s attention to be distracted from driving, all students are placed in jeopardy. In order to achieve the highest degree of safety, the following rules and regulations will be enforced.

  1. Students are to be on time and avoid horseplay at the morning bus stop.
  2. Any student who misbehaves or shows disrespect for a bus driver by speech or act or is involved in an incident on the bus may be suspended from bus transportation.
  3. Students who cause damage to a bus will be held responsible for their actions. Parents or guardians bear responsibility in such cases.
  4. Children wishing to ride home on a bus other than their regular bus must have a signed note from a parent/guardian stating date, time and destination.


Non-Public School Transportation Requests

Parents requesting transportation to the North Spencer Christian Academy or other private schools within a 15-mile radius must submit an application to the district office by April 1.


Bus Conduct Reports

The bus conduct report allows the bus driver to notify the parent and school administration of an existing problem. Transporation Supervisor, John Horvath will investigate the report and contact the parent about the problem. If a suspension is appropriate, the building principal and the parent will be contacted.


Late Buses

Late buses run after the regularly scheduled buses from the Middle/Senior High School. Students may be asked to remain late to work on a special project, to receive help from a teacher or for disciplinary reasons. Any parent with a question regarding late buses should contact the appropriate building principal.


Transportation Department Staff

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Staff Member:

Spencer-Van Etten
Central School District

16 Dartts Crossroad
Spencer, NY 14883


Office Hours:  8am-4pm

Dr. Joseph Morgan
Superintendent of Schools

(607) 589-7100

Laurie Cooper
Secretary to the Superintendent,
District Clerk,
Records Retention Officer


Jane St. Amour-Bradley
School Business Executive


Anne Frisbie
Purchasing Agent,
Benefits Coordinator


Jennifer Swayze
Public Information Coordinator


Jack Wiiki
Chief Information Officer


Christina Lampila
CSE Chairperson