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Highlights at S-VE!


1/31/18 - Elementary and High School Opportunities

At the Elementary School: 4th grade students worked on poetry for over a month during an ELA unit. They read poems by established poets such as Carl Sandburg, Langston Hughes, Walt Whitman and Sherman Alexie and wrote original poems patterned on these. This week, the elementary school hosted a Poetry Night for families where students individually presented their readings for an audience in the music room. An interactive experience was held in the cafeteria, where families searched posters with excerpts from the studied poems and a bound booklet of student poems to connect famous poems to original pieces. Great job 4th grade team and students! 

At the High School: Thanks to Robin Ott and Ms. McKinery, Mr. McIntosh was able to take a group of high school students to Ithaca College to see the graphic design/game design curriculum.  Each student got a chance to use the virtual world game designing equipment, see 3-d printers in action, and received an extra guided tour of the College television studio thanks to Mr. Peter Johanns, one of our Board members.


1/24/18 - Our Volunteers

A volunteer appreciation event will take place in March. We will honor our volunteers and staff that have worked with the volunteers in the 2017-18 school year.


1/19/18 - Discovering Musical Talent

Kay Brown and Elementary crew performed a wonderful musical “The Share Bears” on Wednesday night for parents, families and the community.. Our Middle School and High School Music teachers are preparing students for All County Band and Chorus auditions. Our High School staff is working with students on the musical “The Sound of Music”, coming in March! Great job music department!!!


12/27/17 - Excellence

Spencer-Van Etten Central School District has been named to the 8th Annual AP District Honor Roll for expanding opportunity and improving performance for Advanced Placement students.


12/20/17 - Giving Back to Our Community

Elementary students and staff recently collected over 1,000 non-perishable items for the S-VE Food Cupboard! Great job to all who participated in this donation!


12/13/17 - Establishing Connections

The entire middle school population is divided into 16 field day teams. Teams get together once a month, all year long, to establish student connections that span across grade levels. Teams establish relationships student-student, student-teacher and building-community. Events are always geared for full team participation and help to build a sense of community, school spirit and community service. This week, teams participated in a snow themed Breakout activity to promote teamwork, inspire each other and create a feeling of success. Students had an opportunity to work with peers and teachers as a team to solve the puzzles. Inside the Breakout Box was a candy cane for each member and a recipe for making artificial snow. All 16 teams successfully saved S-VE’s winter vacation!


12/6/17 - Appreciating our Senior Citizens

High School Student Council and SVETA partnered to appreciate the Senior Citizens in our community with a holiday dinner. Jerry Carr and our cafeteria staff catered the event, which typically feeds between 150-200 people. High school, middle school and elementary school students served the delicious meal and mingled with the guests, achieving a family dinner experience. Great job to all involved.


11/29/17 - Every Day Heroes

Britany Elsey applied for a scholarship through the local rotary to sponsor 6 high school students to attend a leadership conference at the Heart of New York Teen Institute. This conference emphasized leadership development, enhanced self-esteem and group interaction skills focusing on alcohol, drug and high-risk behavior awareness and prevention. This experience was life changing for these 6 students, as they laughed, cried and connected to the theme of “Every Day Heroes” at the conference. These students look forward to sharing their action plan and ideas with the school and community.


11/15/17 - Professional Excellence

As a retired S-VE Middle School Nurse, Gail continues to serve as the Health and Wellness Coordinator for S-VE. Additionally, as recent President-Elect of the New York State Association of School Nurses, Gail will be a vital member of the Executive Committee and will represent the organization among national nursing leaders and state educational leaders. She will have the most up-to-date information to share with our school nurses on the best practices of school nursing and how to enhance the educational successes of S-VE students through quality health services. 


11/8/17 - Expanding Student Opportunities

- Middle school students, ages 11-13, had the opportunity to participate in the Spencer-Candor Lions Club Peace Poster Contest under the direction of Nicole McCarthy. Jacie Tompkins’ painting won the school contest, which was then brought to the 20-E2 District Fall Conference by Lions Club members. Jacie’s painting won at the District Level and will now be brought to New York City to be judged at the Multi-District/State Level!  
- 20 high school students participated in a video conference workshop called “Word, Sound, Power: Poetry of Resistance” on Monday with a presenter from the Brooklyn Academy of Music. This interactive opportunity was available to students with the help of Rene Carver and Rebecca Paasch.
- 4 high school students went last Sunday with Mr. McIntosh to take part in the National Art Portfolio review at RTI in Rochester. The students were able to speak with their choice of 85 different art colleges that attend this annual event.


11/1/17 - Freedom to be Artistic

99 middle school students participated in a Pumpkin Contest directed by Nicole McCarthy. The pumpkins were donated from the Sayre Wal-Mart with the request submitted by Eric Knolles. Students worked either individually or with a partner to design their pumpkin for one of the two categories: decorating (adding materials to cover the pumpkin) or painting. In some cases, quality family time was achieved as parents, siblings and other family members assisted the students with the project. School Board Members and the Administration voted on the pumpkins to declare 1st – 3rd place in both categories.


10/25/17 - Helping our Students Make Good Choices

Student Council, SADD and the Leadership Group sponsored Red Ribbon Week at the High School to promote drug awareness and to encourage a drug free life. This afternoon high school students filled a silent auditorium as they listened to a panel of speakers from NOPE Task Force, which included a police officer who struggled to get through the emotional stories of teens losing their lives because of drugs. The message clearly delivered that trying drugs “just ONE TIME could kill you”. Students and staff emotionally reflected on the presentation in their advisory classes following the assembly. “Be the Hero… Tell Someone”


10/18/17 - Encouraging Students to be Role Models

Our staff has been creating opportunities for older students to set an example for younger ones. These opportunities are taking place in all three schools, such as PAWS Leadership Team in the middle school, Senior High Student Council working with Middle School Student Council and 4th grade Caring Council students working with 3 year olds in Early Pre-K.


10/11/17 - Recognizing S-VE Graduates that make us proud!

S-VE 2005 Graduate Adam Whitmarsh was one of many off-duty troopers at the Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas on October 1st. Please click the news link below to view his story of how he jumped into action that night.


9/27/17 - Sustaining our Composting Initiative

As a tribute to Mitch Youngling, who assisted Rick Rogers for the past few years with our composting initiative, Dr. Morgan joined the crew this morning to learn the final composting process, as well as provide hands-on assistance!

The process: The crew picked up the bins from the Elementary and Middle Schools and emptied them into the tractor bucket, 4 bins at a time. Dr. Morgan drove the tractor to the field to dump the compost while Rick and Deb washed the bins so they can be returned to the school. Attached are extra photos. Together We Achieve… Sustaining our Compost Initiative! 


9/20/17 - Supporting our Students

Our students truly appreciate each of you who have taken time out of your schedule to attend a sporting event this school year. It makes a difference to our students when they look at the sideline and see their principal, teachers and bus driver (come back after the bus run) cheering them on! Together We Achieve… supporting our students in all that they do! 


9/13/17 - Roll Out of 1:1 Devices

As part of our strategic plan, last year our 4th graders were assigned 1:1 iPads with the goal of a paperless classroom. This year, Darla, Alonzo and James have begun the process of rolling out 1:1 iPads to the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. This week, 9th grade students were each assigned their 1:1 laptop/tablet are now ready for instruction! The district goal is for all grade levels to eventually implement a paperless classroom through use of a 1:1 device.  


9/6/17 - Pride in our Buildings and Grounds

The 2017-18 School Year is off to a great start! As we all drove to work this morning and entered each building, we felt an overwhelming sense of Panther Pride. The hard work of our custodial staff this summer beams in every direction as you look around our buildings and grounds. Thank you for giving 100% this summer. Our staff, students, parents, community and visitors appreciate you!


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