Middle School Goals

2017-18 Middle School Building Goals

Together We Achieve...

"Doing What's Best for Kids"


1. Social: S-VE Middle School will promote a positive learning environment where students, staff and stakeholders feel equally valued, appreciated and welcome. 

i. Action Steps
  1. Monthly student recognition through individual grade level teams
  2. Monthly staff recognition through faculty meetings
  3. Monthly student recognition through guidance office and the "On a Roll" committee
  4. Continuation and improvement of the Lions Quest characters education program under the umbrella of the PBIS system
  5. Track and increase communication and involvement with our parents through post-cards, individualized phone calls, community events and PIE. 
  6. Grade level newsletter (at least one per marking period)


2. Academic: All Students, staff and stakeholders will learn at high levels.

i. Action Steps
  1. All students will be on or above grade level as assessed by the NWEA map test
  2. Deliver consistent Tier 1 instruction and assessment in grades 5-8
  3. Implement Social Studies Inquires in grades 5-8
  4. Implement year-one WIN action plan supported by NYSED TAC
  5. Develop a committee to review student achievement and recognition
  6. Meet monthly with department chairs


3. Character: Promote the growth of character through targeted interventions and education for students, staff and stakeholders.

i. Action Steps
  1. PBIS team will do presentations at faculty meetings
  2. Use Lions Quest Program or Tier I instruction of PBIS program
  3. Daily precepts and "Together We Achieve" slogan incorportated in morning announcements
  4. All new 5th graders will receive growth mindset training 
  5. All student and staff will participate in team building and mentoring activities through Panther Teams. 


Spencer-Van Etten Middle School is committed to academic excellence. We believe that our school should provide each individual student with the opportunity to develop to his or her greatest potential academically, athletically, artistically and socially. Every decision we make will be based on student centered achievement in those four areas.


Spencer-Van Etten Middle School

Welcome to Pantherville!

Grades: 5-8

School Hours: 8:00 am - 2:56 pm
Office Hours:  7:30 am - 3:30 pm

* During the summer and days when there is no school for students, please call ahead (589-7120) to make sure someone will be in the office.

Spencer-Van Etten Middle School

1 Center Street
Spencer, NY 14883

Main Office Phone: (607) 589-7120

Main Office Fax:   (607) 589-3020

Mr. Brandon Foley

(607) 589-7120

Mrs. Caroline Frisbie
Building Secretary

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Mrs. Carol Quinn
Clerk Typist
Homeschool Coordinator

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Mr. Larry Bleck
Dean of Students

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Mr. Dan Craven
Guidance Counselor