High School Goals

2017-18 High School Building Goals


  • Purpose:

    • To help students persevere and fulfill their potential.
  • Shared Vision:

    • We want an environment that develops students who are intrinsically motivated to learn and grow.
  • Shared Value:

    • In order to advance our shared vision of an exemplary school, we will:
      • Provide a classroom environment with clear expectations, consistent consequences, and specific, articulated, academic goals.
      • Help all students achieve excellence in all areas by addressing their individual needs and learning styles.
      • Use methods of assessment that monitor the learning of individual students.
      • Collaborate with students, staff, parents, community to more effectively achieve our collective goals.
      • Commit to continuous improvement.
      • Model the qualities and characteristics that promote a positive and caring school community.



  • 50% of our student population will earn a c-pass (Calculate using each marking period total).
  • Increase the percentage of students achieving mastery on the Regents exams/ final exams.
  • Increase the percentage of students achieving mastery in each course (final grade).
  • Achieve an Advanced Designation rate of at least 35%.
  • Achieve a graduation rate of 100%. 
  • Have a "chronically absent rate" of less than 15%.
  • Have 85% of students participate in at least 1 extra-curricular activity. 


The following goals will be measured by an increased level of student achievement which is reflected in the above goals.

  • Increase pride, rigor, and independence by:
    • Aligning Instructional Practices - Literacy and Common Core focus
    • Targeting staff development
    • Implementing consistent practices
    • Having participation from all staff
    • Recognizing staff and students
  • Increase literacy rich activities across the disciplines
    • Vocabulary - Department Driven
  • Create and deliver a comprehensive, consistent, and aligned curriculum and expectations
  • Systematically collect data and utilize the results to make informed decisions about teaching and learning
  • Monitor student attendance by following established procedures to ensure compliance with 80% or greater attendance
  • Increase student engagement - encourage students to be active, self-motivated, confident, and self-directed learners and not just compliant, dutiful learners

Spencer-Van Etten High School

Home of the Panthers

Grades: 9-12

School Hours: 8:05 am - 2:56 pm

Spencer-Van Etten High School

16 Dartts Crossroad
Spencer, NY 14883

Main Office Phone: (607) 589-7140

Main Office Fax:   (607) 589-3011

Guidance/Attendance Phone: (607) 589-7144

Mrs. Melissa Jewell

(607) 589-7140

Mr. James Howey
Assistant Principal,
Athletic Director

(607) 589-7140

Mrs. Holly Perry
Building Secretary

(607) 589-7140

Ms. Marjorie McKinery
Guidance Counselor

(607) 589-7144

Mr. Jordan Ashman
Guidance Counselor

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Mrs. Debbie Frisbie
Guidance Secretary

(607) 589-7144